15 Powerful Kirin Tattoos

15 Powerful Kirin Tattoos

An ancient and powerful creature the Kirin is captured perfectly in these awesome Japanese Kirin tatoos!!

Originally found in traditional Chinese legend the Qilin is a mythical hooved creature thought to bring prosperity and serenity. In Japanese traditions the Qilin is known as Kirin and is depicted as a deer-like creature with a dragons head and an ox's tail. Kirin are also popularly depicted as a unicorn like creature with a backwards facing horn. Unlike in the Chinese traditions the Japanese Kirin is considered the most powerful of all mythical creatures and outranks the phoenix and even the mighty dragon!!

Kirin tattoos are a cool choice for anyone looking at Japanese tattoos and while they may not be as common as dragon or phoenix tattoos they certainly have their merits. Bold and colorful Kirin tattoos are a classic Oriental design and share similar style and composition to dragon tattoos but offer a more unique effect. Take a look at these powerful Kirin tattoos and see why the Kirin is Japanese tattoo we need to see more of!

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