15 Terrific Traditional Spider Tattoos!

15 Terrific Traditional Spider Tattoos!

Love spiders or hate them you can't deny that these traditional spider tattoos look great!!

Across the world spiders are seen as treacherous and untrustworthy, they sit on their web and lure in their prey. Such a dark depiction of spiders is largely where spider tattoos take their influence, though while they are bold and menacing spider tattoos have been a constant popular tattoo image. Perhaps the most associated tattoo design with spiders is the old school spider-web elbow tattoos, but a spider without a web still looks awesome!

One of the best styles of spider tattoos has to be traditional. Bold lines and dark shading old school style just suits the image of a spider, they can be as colorful as you like or even blackwork! Traditional spider tattoos simply look good and are a classic tattoo any ink fan can enjoy!

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