15 Whimsical Neo Traditional Tattoos By Maio Quagliotti

15 Whimsical Neo Traditional Tattoos By Maio Quagliotti

Whimsical and surreal neo traditional tattoos by Maio Quagliotti of Don't Panic Tattoo, Italy.

I love the whimsical works of Maio Quagliotti that look like they jumped straight out of a dreamy story book! Maio Quagliotti is a tattoo artist based in Italy. He currently works at Don't Panic Tattoo Studio in Lonato Del Garda. So if ever you fly to Italy, don't forget to include a visit to your itinerary. You won't regret it! Anyway, let's cut this short. Scroll down, enjoy, and buona giornata!

For more of Maio's works, follow him on Instagram and visit the website of Don't Panic Tattoo studio.

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