16 Brazen Japanese Baku Tattoos

16 Brazen Japanese Baku Tattoos

Let these Japanese baku tattoos take care of your nightmares and protect your dreams!!

Baku are traditional supernatural beings in Japanese culture that eat nightmares and dreams. Tradition has it that Baku were created by the gods from what was left after all other animals had been created. Baku have a long history in Japanese culture and tradition and have recently been the subject of anime and manga. Baku are often depicted with a lion's body, tiger's paws and an elephant's trunk.

According to legend the Baku can be called upon after having a nightmare and today such a practice is continued. Children who awake from a bad dream can call the Baku by reciting “Baku-san, come eat my dream.” three times to come and devour the nightmare. Though if you call the Baku to often it will devour your dreams and desires as well and you'll live an empty life! Baku tattoos are a bold and colorful Japanese tattoo image and can create some amazing body art. From back pieces to sleeves, Baku tattoos make amazing ink and these 16 Baku tattoos will have you loving this supernatural creature in no time. Enjoy!!

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