16 Dark and Daunting Blackwork Bat Tattoos

16 Dark and Daunting Blackwork Bat Tattoos

The winged creatures of the night come out to play in these rich, dark, and enchanting blackwork bat tattoos.

Don't you miss classic horror movies where when a spooky scene comes on, bats signal the grand entrance of Dracula or some monstrous villain? Recall every hair that stood on the back of your head every time a cloud of bats turned into a vampire, because those old-time horror film vibes are coming back to get you with these blackwork tattoos!

All the basic things I first knew about bats, I learned in horror films. They're fascinating. I'd choose them over the billionaire orphan any day (sorry, Batman). Kidding aside, the infamy of the horror movie bat can be traced back to a long time ago, when bats were associated with demons and malevolence for their nocturnal nature and residing in caves.

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But the way I see it, bats are actually pretty magnificent. In fact, only they can rightfully hold on to the title of ‘winged mammals’ which amazes me. The way they were designed, as frightening as they may seem, is so beautiful and unique. These tattoos captured the dark and striking qualities of the menacing bat.

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