16 Exquisite Double Exposure Silhouette Tattoos By Andrey Lukovnikov

16 Exquisite Double Exposure Silhouette Tattoos By Andrey Lukovnikov

Andrey Lukovnikov brings digital art and traditional art together through his series of stunning flora and fauna double exposure tattoos.

If you find both silhouettes and nature scenes stunning, then you're going to be all over these beautiful double exposure pieces by Andrey Lukovnikov. The Ukrainian-born, Polish-based tattoo artist is well-known for his digital art-inspired works that seem as if he had taken a page out of Photoshop's books with the nifty clipping tool effect Andrey used in his tattoos. Most of his works feature birds, feathers, and insects silhouettes where gorgeous flora and fauna overflowing with lush floral designs and unhinged beasts peek through the outlines.

Despite the mixed media feel of Andrey's works, his designs mostly lean towards color realism when it comes to the big picture. The magnificent double exposure effect may be what made his works stand out in the first place but you can't miss the vibrance and the detail of each and every nature scene he crafts within the outlines of the insect and bird silhouettes.

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