16 Fearsome Fudo Myo-o Tattoos

16 Fearsome Fudo Myo-o Tattoos

Fudo Myo-o tattoos celebrate the fierce protective of god Fudo in Japanese Buddhist mythology!

In traditional Japanese Buddhist mythology Fudo is one of the powerful and fierce protective gods (Myo-o) and is seen as a form of Buddha. The terrifying appearance of the Fudo is said to scare away evil spirits and destroy ugly passion and ignorance, among other undesirable qualities. Depicted as a large blue skinned figure Fudo Myo-o is frequently shown grasping a sword in one hand and noose in the other. The sword symbolizes how Fudo cuts through all delusion and obstacles where as the noose is a representative of Fudo's catching and tying up of evil creatures. Sitting on a rock, a symbol of resoluteness, Fudo is engulfed by a shroud of flames that represent purification.

Fudo Myo-o tattoos are often on the larger side and Fudo makes for a great backpiece subject if you're after an awesome Japanese tattoo. A dominating figure of protection Fudo Myo-o tattoos look amazing and never fail to impress. Bold and brilliant these fearsome Fudo Myo-o tattoos will have you feeling some major ink envy!!

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