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16 Intense and Realistic Galactic Tattoos by Saga Anderson

16 Intense and Realistic Galactic Tattoos by Saga Anderson

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

Bright and Bold Realistic Galaxy tattoos that are out of this world!

These 17 intense and realistic galactic tattoos by Saga Anderson from Boss Tattoos YYC will make you feel like a tiny, insignificant speck in the universe! 

The colors are intense, the rendition is amazing, and it takes our souls to its real home --- the vast and boundless cosmos! If you are also fascinated by life and how wonderfully we belong to an infinite galaxy of the unknown, then these tattoos are for you! 

Enjoy, space wanderer! Remember the YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE, getting to know itself. 

For more of Anderson's works, visit his website or follow him on Instagram: @InkbySaga

Written byminerva

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