16 Spiritual Haida Tattoos

16 Spiritual Haida Tattoos

Tattoos inspired by the traditional art of Haida people.

Haida tattoos are inspired by the stylized art of an indigenous tribe of North America. 

These gorgeous ethnic tattoo designs are often connecting many spirit animals and mythological references. Totem poles are also a source of inspiration for artists. For the Haida, tattoos were used as both social and spiritual links. Haida tattoos are often family crests or protective pieces. The animals or figures chosen can be guardian spirits. Ravens and eagles are popular Haida designs, related to the two clans. Red ink is often used, sometimes replaced by blue. Haida tattoos are often coveted in North America, especially Canada, but tribal tattoo artists and collectors admire them worldwide. Some of them are paying a tribute to tradition, other mixing them with modernity.

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