16 Symbolic Anubis Tattoos

16 Symbolic Anubis Tattoos

The god of the dead and afterlife, Anubis, is a popular Egyptian design and this collection of Anubis tattoos features some of the best!

The Meaning of Anubis in the Mythology

Anubis is the Greek name for the Ancient Egyptian god of the dead and afterlife, who is likewise associated with funerals and mummification. Most frequently depicted as a canine or man with a canine's head, usually a jackal or African golden wolf, Anubis has become one of the most symbolic and recognized gods of Ancient Egypt. However, while Anubis is today a prominent symbol of Ancient Egyptian religion and culture, many pretend that he played almost no part in classic Egyptian mythology! People do not completely agree and it's also worth to mention that Anubis' role varied depending on the context and time. Throughout the centuries he has been seen as a protector of graves, an embalmer or the Lord of the Underworld. However, most people know Anubis as the guide and the carrier of souls into the afterlife, as well as the guardian of the scales, weighing the heart of the deceased to decide whether they are worthy of entering the realm of the dead.

The Meaning of Anubis Tattoos

Thus, Anubis tattoos can have many meanings depending on the person. Some get an Anubis tattoo as a symbol for a dear one who passed away. Others express their spirituality and their belief that there is something after death, or someone in the afterlife who looks after them and give them the energy and the strength to face everyday struggles. By extension, some people think that the Anubis tattoo means that a closed door doesn't necessarily indicate that something is over, but rather that a new door will open, a new way, new opportunities.

Whether you want a badass tattoo of the Lord of the Underworld or simply want a cool Egyptian inspired tattoo, Anubis is definitely a motif you can enjoy. Take a look at these symbolic Anubis tattoo designs and get inspired by some sweet Egyptian ink!

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