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16 Underground Charles Bukowski Tattoos

16 Underground Charles Bukowski Tattoos

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A tribute to a momument of 20th century literature.

Readers of 20th century literature know Charles Bukowski, also known as 'Hank', an American writer, poet and free spirit.

Some of them have of course inked their respect for the legend with Bukowski tattoos. Portraits of the writer are coveted, with his provocative attitude and taste for alcohol. Fans also pick quotes for their Bukowski tattoos. The most famous and popular ones are the following: "Find what you love and let it kill you", "she's mad but she's magic, there's no lie in her fire" or even the iconic bluebird quote. The author of Women is still inspiring us, with his words and freedom. Do you have Charles Bukowski tattoos? Would you try or... don't try?

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Written byJenTheRipper

Writer for art related medias. Fell in love with tattoo while researching for another passion, crime history. Travelling, admiring, sharing.

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