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17 Astronaut Tattoos That Are Totally Out Of This World

17 Astronaut Tattoos That Are Totally Out Of This World

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You may never be an astronaut in the end but you can always reach for the stars—let these astronaut tattoos remind you the fact.

As kids, we all wanted to be astronauts at some point, taking off and braving the galaxy, floating in zero gravity, etc. We were young — we didn't care how hard could it be to be able to become one. All we knew back then was how cool it would have been to visit different planets, take home some moon rock, and going on a trip in a space ship. Just because that dream has become way overdue and far out of reach doesn't mean you have to lose that spark of your childhood innocence. Keep believing that you'll one day sail through the galaxy with these astronaut tattoos for beautiful reminders.

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