17 Exciting Skyline Tattoos for Your Next Cityscape Adventure

17 Exciting Skyline Tattoos for Your Next Cityscape Adventure

Take your skyline tattoo the next time you let yourself explore the concrete jungles and city lights.

Every city has its story. Each building plays a part on how it marked itself on the map. If you're a city dweller through and through and loved every skyscraper and every intersection you pass by every day in the city where your heart is, this is for you. Or, maybe it's a city far from home; a place bustling with dynamic energy and fast-paced lives where you feel like you belong. Make it permanent with stunning but simple tattoos that trace the skyline.

Skyline tattoos don't necessarily have to be the clichéd city of dreams, love, or another word that you'd see on a top from Forever 21. As glorious as New York and London may look in silhouettes, it doesn't have to be any of those places if your heart isn't on the Big Apple or with Big Ben. Ask a trusted tattoo artist to do a custom one based on your own city skyline and let the artist work their magic.

If you love Hogwarts that much, why not get a tattoo of a fantasy skyline?

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