17 Mad And Mischievous Cheshire Cats Tattoos

17 Mad And Mischievous Cheshire Cats Tattoos

Let the beloved cat from Alice in Wonderland bewitch you with that Cheshire smile and leave you reeling into the rabbit hole.

We doubt author Lewis Carroll would have imagined all the ways Alice would be reinvented in the next decades to come as he penned down the original Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. From being picked up by Disney to being turned into a videogame—a concept that would have puzzled him in 1865—Alice in her white apron went through many overhauls and we can't possibly talk about Alice in Wonderland without talking about the cat with the smile.

Like most of the characters, the Cheshire Cat also went through many re-design. And whether you prefer the classic version of this feline or the others, no one's wiping off that shit-eating grin off its multicolored fur. Get an original cat tattoo - get a Cheshire Cat tattoo!

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