17 Spectacular Ear Tattoo Ideas for the Minimalist and the Daredevil

17 Spectacular Ear Tattoo Ideas for the Minimalist and the Daredevil

Ear tattoos at their finest - clean minimalism and solid designs.

The ear is one of the smallest and trickiest areas to get tattooed on. But that's what makes it also a ton more fun to experiment with — with all its curves on the lobes to the thin skin surrounding it. You're going to be having a lot of fun thinking about ways how to make such a small space more interesting.

1. Minimalism at its finest.

Since ‘go big or go home’ isn't an option here, minimalist tattoos are kind of all the rage right now with ear tattoos that are mostly in blackwork and dotwork. But that's not to say that folks aren't going adventurous with their designs either!

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2. Or do the opposite of that and go wild!

3. Just when you thought Watson Atkinson couldn't get any more spectacular... 

See the rest of Watson's arcane tattoos here.

4. Never underestimate the power of subtle pointillism.

5. This pair of half-mandala ear tattoos are gorgeous.

6. This one opted for a more chic half-mandala look.

7. Is there an even cuter placement for a South Korean style micro tattoo?

See more of Seyoon Gim's lovely works here.

8. Lines, lines, lines.

9. This one added a splash of red to hers.

10. Love this chick's tiger-like ear tattoos.

11. What made this arcane design stand out is the beauty in the strong simplicity of the blackwork tattoo.

12. Hand poke tattoo artist Indy Voet back at it again with his impossibly neat lines!

Love hand poked works? Indy Voet's got you covered.

13. Can you believe that this blackout piece was tattooed dot by dot?

14. A nice balance of heavy black ink and a seam line.

15. Talk scientific to me.

16. A gorgeous design that perfectly frames those equally gorgeous mods.

17. Finally, a dainty micro tattoo to close off one epic ear post.

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