17 Tattoos Inspired By Our Favorite Literary Heroines

17 Tattoos Inspired By Our Favorite Literary Heroines

It's total girl power in here with these beautiful tattoo tributes for some of the most inspiring women in the literary world.

In a world where the ratio of male superhero to female are 1:6 (I just made that up but let's trust The Avengers), I'm not surprised to find female leads that aren't a.) too lovestruck to be that sensible b.) whose character has as much dimension as an A4 paper or c.) whose main purpose is to serve as a love interest to the male hero.

The literary world offers a wider perspective, though I think I should mention even one of the most loved and idolized literary heroine of our time (Hermione Granger) is still a sidekick at the end of the day. But let's not let the minority issue get in the way of smashing tattoo tributes like these! 

Looking for Alaska John Green tattoo, artist unknown. #literary #literaryheroine #book #bookcharacters #grlpwr #lookingforAlaska #JohnGreen

Okay, Looking for Alaska's Alaska Young may not be the most ideal book heroine and leans more toward the category of ‘manic pixie dreamgirl,’ she has her fair share of redeeming qualities.

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