18 Brutal Pennywise The Clown Tattoos That Will Give You The Creeps

18 Brutal Pennywise The Clown Tattoos That Will Give You The Creeps

Stephen King's IT is next on the horror remake list and Pennywise the clown is a favorite of fan tattoos

The trend of Hollywood remakes/reboots in horror seems to be booming these days and one of the most anticipated releases coming soon for fans of classic terror will be Stephen King's IT. 

The original movie released in 1990 terrified audiences with Tim Curry's nightmarish performance as Pennywise the Clown. I still get chills when I watch that scene where he asks that little boy if he wants a balloon...

Recent news revealed the new actor up for the role as the iconic nightmare-inducing clown Pennywise is to be Hemlock Grove's Bill Skarsgard. While die hard fans will forever claim that no-one can outshine Curry's portrayal as the clown, Skarsgard certainly has some unusual characteristics that might be well suited for the part. He has a haunting look in those eyes that once the clown paint is on...he might just be terrifying enough to unsettle a few new horror fans out there.

Creeoy painting like Pennywise portrait by Andy Engel #Pennywise #IT #StephenKing #clown #reboot #TimCurry #horror #realism #AndyEngel

This post is for all the dedicated fans of the original with a collection of some of the most spine-chilling portraits of your favorite creepo the clown Pennywise in all his gory glory. Enjoy...and be careful when walking past those storm drains you never know what's lurking down there.

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