18 Deadly Charming Mathilda Tattoos

18 Deadly Charming Mathilda Tattoos

The darling of cult film Léon: The Professional is looking the part of the same ‘little’ girl who knows how to hold a gun in these tattoos.

Fans of cult crime film Léon: The Professional certainly won't forget about the mini femme fatale in Mathilda, the troubled twelve-year-old, Léon took under his care. And I think we can all agree that the young Natalie Portman then wrecked ass at the role which is still arguably one of the most badass preteen characters in films.

While the film is currently making waves in South Korea (and not to mention, South Korean tattoo trends), let's check out some of the tattoos dedicated to the young antihero that are also kicking some hard ass just like Mathilda.

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