18 Exquisite Geometric Flower Tattoos

18 Exquisite Geometric Flower Tattoos

Bold and unashamed these geometric flower tattoos will have you feeling some real tattoo envy! They're brilliant!

Similar to traditional flower tattoos, geometric flower tattoos are bold and colorful tattoos that have a simple shape but great effect and beauty. Having a strong tattoo image, geometric flower tattoos are notable for their bright colors and wonderful patterns. Influenced by old school style and looks, geometric flower tattoos can rock it with any traditional piece but also look sweet against any other contemporary tattoo.

A great option for those after some bold ink geometric flower tattoos standout and look exquisite. Take a look at these badass geometric flower tattoos brought to you by some of the world's best tattoo artists and see why this style of flower tattoos is so good and popular right now.
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