18 Kick-Ass Undercut Hair Tattoos That Are A Cut Above The Rest

18 Kick-Ass Undercut Hair Tattoos That Are A Cut Above The Rest

Step up your hair game with temporary undercut ‘hair tattoos’ and some wild hair colors to have heads turning wherever you go.

If you're not ready to take the big step yet by getting a tattoo but want to mix things up, feeling the buzz on your scalp could be the next best thing for you. And by the time you're done with this post, you're going to be itching for a little bit of undercut fun!

And while undercut ‘hair tattoos’ aren't actual tattoos, they're still a cool way to bedeck your scalp whether you're getting cold feet at the thought of getting needles poking your head repeatedly or you merely haven't found the right scalp tattoo yet. Besides, you don't really need a reason anyway to get these spectacular undercut hair tattoos! The fact that they're awesome is a good reason as anything.

Stellar Bowie-inspired undercut hair art!

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Undercut hair style of laserb.kate on Instagram. #undercut #hair

This is simply gorgeous.

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