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18 Majestic Jellyfish Tattoos That Are Worth the Sting

18 Majestic Jellyfish Tattoos That Are Worth the Sting

Swim into the quiet world of these graceful yet deadly invertebrates with these elegant jellyfish tattoos.

In the real world, most would regard these spineless creatures as they're nothing but a big pain in the ass on a nice day at the beach. But there's more to the jellyfish than their nettling defense mechanism. They have a relatively docile nature, which is why they're one of the few living things that can prove you don't need a brain to live quite a long time. Kidding aside, there's really more to the jellyfish than its sting.

The jellyfish is a perfect example of tranquility with vigilance. It's still a predator. And in Japanese mythology, they're often depicted as a servant of the gods. Their amazing lifespan also contributes to their defining qualities, identifying them as divine creatures for thriving on the face of the earth since the beginning of time. Whether it's their soft, transparent bodies or their history, more and more people are being drawn to these invertebrates for their tattoos. And they're turning out to be quite a graceful motif.

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