18 Pop Culture Icon Tattoos by Alex Ciliegia

18 Pop Culture Icon Tattoos by Alex Ciliegia

Pop culture tattoos never fail to entertain and inspire!

Movie characters, singers, revolutionaries and superheros all feature in the work of Alex Ciliegia!

Fronte del Porto Tattoo Parlour is home to tattoo artist Alex Ciliegia and his incredible pop culture portraits. Taking iconic figures, both fictional and real Ciliegia creates brilliant designs that perfectly capture the figure they portray. 

From historical figures like Ernesto Guevara to Gotham's finest in Batman Ciliegia tattoos them and does so in a bold and colorful style, more aligned to a traditional portrait than a realism one- though the results are still incredible. 

If the  whole host of characters above wasn't enough - there's and even more over on Instagram so be sure to give Ciliegia a follow and keep up to date with his work! 

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