18 Sweet, Subtle Tattoos Wallflower People Will Love

18 Sweet, Subtle Tattoos Wallflower People Will Love

Calling all wallflowers and introverts with an eye for subtle, tasteful tattoos that will represent just who they are in ink.

Sol Tattoo

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wall·flow·er – a type of loner; seemingly shy folks who no one really knows—often some of the most interesting people if one actually talks to them.

If that sounds a lot like you, then you just might be one of these delightfully intuitive, observant human beings who don't say much but when they do, you'll be astounded with that they have to say that you've never really thought of before. They're not the typical, sad loners. They actually enjoy being alone most times, watching the world unfold around them every day.

Sol Tattoo

These designs were made by Sol, a tattoo artist from Seoul, South Korea. The Korean tattoo artist is known for delicate, fine-lined designs that's perfect for anyone looking for something subtle yet not too bland. Sol is well-known for these micro flower tattoos many female client go to him for.

Nothing may last forever but keep your friends and your lovers closer to you with matching tattoos.

Stick a flower behind your ear.

Let it wrap around your sides the way you'd wrap around the sidelines as you veer away from the center of attention.

Or if you're just not feeling it with all these flowers, be a “prick” and get yourself one lovely cactus tattoo.

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