18 Ways Delphine Noiztoy Showed Us How Heavy Blackwork is Done

18 Ways Delphine Noiztoy Showed Us How Heavy Blackwork is Done

Blackwork tattooer Delphine Noiztoy is known for her sensual tattoos. But if there's any way she prefers her blackwork, it's always heavy.

Almost a decade ago, Delphine Noiztoy took a big leap and went to pursue tattooing despite the clamor of the naysayers. She was only 18... 

Soon after, she travelled from France to the UK to hone her skills and get a better shot in achieving her dreams. In the same decade, she was able to guest spot in shops across North America, operate at the prestigious Sang Bleu Tattoo, and ultimately open her own shop in 2013, The Lacemakers Sweatshop. Her team is currently made up of Mimi, a neo traditional specialist and Laurent, a dotwork tattooer.

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While Delphine's works range from pointillism to blackout, she has quite the collection of heavy blackwork pieces to boast. Hers are often in the form of thick brushstroke tattoos, blastovers, and blackout.

Here, she skips over a mandala piece to blast over some traditional designs.

Twinning with body modification enthusiast, Jilted Royalty .

This sensual pair.

A gritty take on a Japanese-inspired chest tattoo design.

An abstract brushstroke piece.

Letting it wrap around beautifully.

A beautiful elbow piece.

A raw brushstroke style seam line.

Go big or go home.

Artfully blending dotwork and heavy blackwork.

Yet another sensual brushstroke piece.

This beautiful symmetry.

A clean and straight-off blackout armband.

Mystical blackwork detailing. 

A lone brushstroke design.

Delphine boasts her own incredible blackout tattoo, a bodysuit done by one of the tattoo artists in her shop.

An unconventional yet simple arm band tattoo.

Gotta work it with the details.

All tattoos were done at Delphine Noiztoy's shop, The Lacemakers Sweatshop.

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