19 Sinisterly Surrealistic Skull Tattoos by Varo

19 Sinisterly Surrealistic Skull Tattoos by Varo

South Korean tattoo artist Varo piled up quite a lot of amazing skull tattoos in his signature mash-up​ style.

Hailing from South Korea, tattoo artist Varo gives the classic skull tattoo a spectacular spin with his undeniably good mash-up style. 

Varo is one of the most talented alternative tattoos in the scene right now. His original designs are characterized by the tasteful blend of different tattoo styles and all the while masterfully working in both color pieces and black and grey. 

Here, he will show you how he can give even one of the most overused designs in tattoo history a fresh new look by mixing elements into hauntingly gorgeous concepts like incorporating it in portraits, in fruits and roses, and sinister designs.

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