20 Adorable Critter Tattoos By Hugo You Will Love

20 Adorable Critter Tattoos By Hugo You Will Love

You won't be able to handle the cuteness overload of South Korean tattooer Hugo's little blackwork lovelies.

Hugo Kim really redefined the dark, grim aesthetic of blackwork tattoos. While he's not the first tattooer to tone down the austere nature of the classic style, he did prove to be a game changer with his cute, pocket creations. The South Korean tattoo artist veered away from the commonly subtle tattoos renowned in his region with bolder linework and accents but didn't stray too far with his mellow and light-hearted tattoos. 

He's currently known for his adorable animal tattoos that resemble the chibi art style where everything is miniaturized to a cute pocket-size. Hugo also keeps the critters' features simple and focuses on details through dotwork and clean strokes. I am personally in love with all his pocket animal tattoos but I'm especially fond of his Pokémon pieces. After all, I'm a Pokémon fan through and through. I'm dying for a Togepi piece! 

Cute goat (baphomet) tattoo by Hugo. #Hugo #cute #kawaii #satanic #baphomet #goat

Hugo's works remind me of another tattoo artist who managed to make blackwork dreamy and mellowed — a tattoo artist based in Germany named Susanne König. You may find her works here.

If you're crazy about pets and all things furry, you might want to check these out:

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Cute cat tattoo by Hugo. #Hugo #cute #kawaii #cat #neko #kitty

For cuteness overload, check out the rest of Hugo's works here.

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