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20 Charming Alice in Wonderland Tattoos

20 Charming Alice in Wonderland Tattoos

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Travel through the looking glass to explore our selection of the best Alice in Wonderland tattoo ideas.

If you find yourself drawn to Alice in Wonderland tattoos, chances are that the popular films and timeless novels have created a lasting impression upon you, a sentiment that has been shared by people around the world for the past 155 years.

History of Alice in Wonderland Tattoos

Originally titled “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, Lewis Carroll’s classic 1865 novel has left a monumental impact on many children and adults worldwide and remains as one of the most enduring and popular works of literature throughout modern history. This nostalgic novel has never once been out of print, and at present time, has been translated in over 97 different languages!

Alice in Wonderland to be continued

In 1951, an animated adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s novel entitled “Alice in Wonderland” was created by the legendary Walt Disney. This imaginative and trippy children’s film is what introduced many of us to the surrealist fantasy world of Lewis Carroll. For many viewers, the film became a childhood staple and worked to describe some of the challenges faced by young children trying to navigate a confusing world filled with chaotic and “game-playing” adults.

Alice in wonderland knife tattoo

Although the film remains a memorable facet of many of our childhoods, Alice in Wonderland was initially considered to be a big failure, perhaps because it was released during the primarily straight-laced and rigid backdrop of the early 1950s. When the film was re-released for television during the psychedelic era of the mid-1960s, audiences couldn’t get enough, making the film an instant cult classic that was passed down through the generations.

Alice in Wonderland tattoo by mrartistpainterman #mrartistpainterman #absolem #caterpillar #aliceinwonderland #disney

To this day, Alice in Wonderland is considered to be one of Disney’s most successful animated films and is easily regarded as one of the largest cult classics in the animation genre. In 2010, the story of Alice in Wonderland was once again adapted into a live-action film by acclaimed director Tim Burton, receiving a great deal of interest and praise from those who cherished the original Disney film. After the success of Tim Burton’s adaptation, a sequel was eventually released in 2016, entitled “Alice through the Looking Glass”, and directed by James Bobin.

From 1865 until the present day, Alice in Wonderland has remained an important facet of childhood and adulthood alike. The story of Alice’s journey and the symbolism used within the trippy tale has resonated deeply with its audiences, allowing readers and viewers to possess a special connection to this coming of age tale. Many who loved Alice in Wonderland in their youth and still cherish the sentiments as adults have chosen to commemorate their special bond with an Alice in Wonderland themed tattoo.

The Meaning of Alice in Wonderland Tattoos

If you’re exploring an Alice in Wonderland themed tattoo, then you probably hold a special affinity for the classic films or novels. For many, it serves as a reminder of childhood and also paradoxically, the loss of childhood. Both the films and the novels explore common themes which work to depict a child’s confusion while trying to acclimate to the “adult” world.

Alice in Wonderland flowers tattoo. TIGER lily and DandeLION. #disneytattoo #disney #disneytattoos #colortattoos #cartoontattoo

Alice in Wonderland tattoos can be powerful ways to honor one’s childhood, while also reminding you of the ways you may have been sculpted to abandon your initial innocence and curiosity. In this way, you can use an Alice in Wonderland tattoo to serve as a reminder to keep your inner child alive and revive your youthful perspective.

Alice in Wonderland tattoo by Arianna Carrarini #AriannaCarrarini #aliceinwonderland #alice #teacup #newschool #heart #gem

For lovers of the psychedelic era, and those with an interest in psychoactive plants, the film’s symbolism in tattoo form can serve to represent an inner quest for knowledge or a journey of powerful self-discovery. Motifs like the Alice in Wonderland mushroom work as perfect tattoos to depict this connection to the work.

Alice in Wonderland tattoo by Mat Rule #AliceinWonderland #NewSchool #realism #LSD #mashup #portrait

In many ways the meaning behind Alice in Wonderland tattoos, films, and novels can resonate with all of us who have experienced growing up as the book’s Editors Charles Frey and John Griffin explain: 
“Alice is engaged in a romantic quest for her own identity and growth, for some understanding of logic, rules, the games people play, authority, time, and death”.

The Cheshire cat from the live action film Alice in Wonderland

Though many people choose to get tattoos that are reflective of the general themes portrayed in Alice in Wonderland, some possess a special affinity for certain characters, choosing to depict them in standalone pieces to showcase different character traits displayed, lessons taught, and obstacles overcome.

alice in wonderland watercolor

For many, the imagery from Alice in Wonderland is perfect for creating tattoos that serve to represent self-discovery, the confusion of growing up, and the preservation, or loss, of the inner child.
Read along to explore the most popular Alice in Wonderland tattoo motifs and designs, and learn more about the hidden symbolism behind the characters!

Alice in Wonderland Tattoo Ideas

Read along to discover the symbolism and meaning behind popular Alice in Wonderland tattoo motifs!

Alice Tattoos

A popular way to pay tribute to the cult-classic tale comes in the form of an Alice in Wonderland sleeve or singular Alice tattoos. No matter what your personal preference, Alice tattoos work in a wide variety of styles ranging from Fine Line double vision portraits to colorful New School cartoons.

Cheshire Cat Tattoos

The Cheshire cat smile tattoo is a perfect way to pay homage to the classic Alice in Wonderland journey. This particular character works wonderfully in a wide array of styles from Blackwork to Watercolor. The Cheshire cat tattoo can also work as a symbol of guidance, as this character follows Alice and provides her with information throughout her wild and wonderful ordeal.

Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat by Andrea Morales #AndreaMorales #aliceinwonderland #cheshirecat #micro #realism #color #tattoooftheday

White Rabbit Tattoos

Whether you love the vintage style white rabbit illustrations, or the more modern Disney cartoon, the Alice in Wonderland rabbit tattoo is a classic motif, rife with symbolism. The white rabbit is viewed as being the catalyst for Alice’s spiritual awakening, leading her down into the rabbit hole, and serving to represent her quest for knowledge. In this way, white rabbit tattoos can work to represent your personal quest for enlightenment.

We’re All Mad Here Tattoos

One of the most popular Alice in Wonderland quotes comes from the beloved Cheshire cat, when he tells Alice, “We’re all mad here”. Many chose to get this quote with an accompanying Cheshire cat, or as a standalone quote.

Mad Hatter Tattoos

Whether you’re searching for a Johnny Depp Mad Hatter portrait tattoo, or a classic rendering of the beloved Disney character, the Mad Hatter tattoo is an excellent way to pay homage to the timeless tale. From detailed Mad Hatter sleeves to singular hat motifs, the Mad Hatter can be represented in a wide array of styles and imagery.

Mad Hatter tea party tattoo by kurrstradamus. #kurrstradamus #aliceinwonderland #disney #madhatter #marchhatter #dormouse #teacup

Absolem the Caterpillar Tattoo

If you’re drawn to an Alice in Wonderland caterpillar tattoo, rest assured that this motif works wonderfully in an array of styles and depictions. From colorful Disney recreations to Realism based drawings, Absolem works as an instantly recognizable symbol of the Alice in Wonderland story.

Did this fun Alice in wonderland illustration by Lewis Caroll

Red Queen Tattoos or Queen of Hearts Tattoos

Whether you’re interested in a Realism portrait of Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen, or you’d like to portray the famous Disney animation, the Red Queen tattoo serves as a powerful Alice in Wonderland symbol.

Red queen tattoo / queen of hearts tattoo by Edit Paints #EditPaints #redqueen #queenofhearts #disney #aliceinwonderland #helenabonhamcarter #queen

Alice in Wonderland Clock Tattoo

One of the most iconic symbols from Alice in Wonderland is the clock held by the White Rabbit. This instantly recognizable motif works wonderfully in a Black and Grey style, but can easily be molded into any desired preference. It speaks to the seemingly nonsensical and non-linear nature of Alice’s experience and often works wonderfully accompanied by Alice in Wonderland quotes.

Dormouse Tattoos

The Dormouse in Alice in Wonderland is said to represent the working class or proletariat division of the people, unable to easily change their status in life, and worked too hard to fight for change. This interpretation allows the Dormouse and treacle tattoo to work as a potential symbol for human awakening and change. If you’re looking for a powerful yet small Alice in Wonderland tattoo, the Dormouse is an excellent selection!

Humpty Dumpty Tattoos

If you’re looking for a truly trippy Alice in Wonderland tattoo, Humpty Dumpty might be the perfect choice for you. Commonly rendered in a Traditional or Illustrative style, Humpty Dumpty’s image works to convey the larger story of Alice in Wonderland, as well his role in the tale, which was to explain the importance of language and naming things.

Alice Falling Down the Rabbit Hole Tattoo

If you’re looking for an Alice in Wonderland tattoo rife with meaning and symbolism, the rabbit hole is a prime selection. Within the story, Alice’s falling down the rabbit hole serves to mark her exploration of the unknown, and the beginning of a spiritual awakening of sorts. For those looking to commemorate their spiritual journey, or for true fans of the work, this motif works as a simple yet deep symbol.

Alice falling down the rabbit hole tattoo and flowers by 777.chili #777chili #rabbithole #aliceinwonderland #alice #disney #illustrative #Minimal

Curious Oysters Tattoo

The tale of the Curious Oysters in Alice in Wonderland depicts the fearful manner in which adults use fictional tales in the hopes of controlling children. For those determined to keep their inner child alive, the Curious Oyster tattoo can serve as a powerful reminder of the fables that may have altered our youthful exploration, while encouraging us to reclaim that initial vibrancy. This motif works wonderfully in a wide variety of styles and color palettes and embodies the very essence of what Alice in Wonderland worked to portray.

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