20 Classic Japanese Tattoos by Mutsuo

20 Classic Japanese Tattoos by Mutsuo

Tattoo artist Mutsuo Nakabayashi creates some classic Japanese tattoos that capture the power and elegance of traditional Japanese art.

Tattooing from the wold famous Three Tides Tattoo tattoo artist Mutsuo has built a reputation as being one of Japans finest tattoo artists and one of the best in the world. 

Mutsuo can tattoo almost any style and genre but classic Japanese is certainly his thing. Classic in sense of both design and composition Mutsuo's tattoos are standout pieces and create some awesome Japanese art.

From tigers to Fudo's and geisha's to okame, Mutsuo tattoos are created with an incredible quality. Mutsuo is an artist who should be on your radar and his work will always impress you.

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