20 Cuddly and Irresistible Pokémon Tattoos by Mewo Llama

20 Cuddly and Irresistible Pokémon Tattoos by Mewo Llama

As if Pokémon can't get any more kawaii, Montreal-based Mewo Llama adds a whole lot of love and sparkles with her cute Poké tattoos.

It's been a wild year for the Pokémon fandom as it's been nothing but catchin' and hatchin' since the ground-breaking Pokémon GO was launched a couple months back, altering the world forever. 

While the hype has been seeing a decline everywhere, there's absolutely nothing that can faze the Pokémon trainers who set out to be the very best. While app sales are seeing a decline, tattoo shops are bustling more than ever with their Eevees and Mews.

Montreal-based pinkworker Mewo Llama is among the tattoo artists experiencing the surge in the Pokémon fandom tattoo requests. And she's been killing it! From X and Y babies to classic Gen 1 darlings, Mewo has every fan covered as she vowed to tattoo 'em all in her sparkly kawaii style. Go!

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Photo's from Mewo's Instagram.

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