20 Elegant Dreamcatcher Tattoos

20 Elegant Dreamcatcher Tattoos

Both dreamcatcher tattoos and actual dreamcatchers are often decorated with beads and feathers from sacred and symbolic birds.

Native American symbols have a prominent place in tattooing, we've all seen the eagles, totems, feathers etc. and we've also all seen the countless interpretations of Native American dreamcatchers. In contemporary tattooing the dreamcatcher tattoo is seen as a bit of a cliche tattoo with hundreds of people sporting them, though that is not to say getting a dreamcatcher is a bad idea, it's just not that unique nowadays.

Dreamcatchers are usually hung above a bed and are believed to filter out bad dreams, allowing only the good ones to come through the hole in the middle of the catcher. The design of a dreamcatcher holds a strong resemblance to a spiders web and it is said that bad dreams get caught in the webbing of the catcher and are destroyed when the first rays of sunlight reach them.

As a tattoo dreamcatchers offer the wearer protection and good fortune, and although they may be a little cliche and not that unique they still make an awesome and elegant dreamcatcher tattoo design!

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