20 Old School Chest Pieces To Admire

20 Old School Chest Pieces To Admire

It's a well known fact that old school tattoos are awesome and badass! They're bold, intense, timeless and iconic.

When you think of traditional tattooing you think of tattoos like panthers, tigers, anchors, ships and swallows, you also think of the rough and tough sailors that made them popular and pioneered the art form we all know and love today. And what's more rough and tough than an old school chest piece? Not much!!

Chest tattoos are one of the tattoos that you really have to earn, it's no easy feat having your chest tattooed, it's doable- just painful! Old school chest pieces are true tattoos, they are everything that you think a hardcore tattoo should be, they're also awesome to look at so here's 20 of the best!!

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