10 Beautiful Head Tattoos

We salute people with head tattoos. For their love for tattoos are on a whole new level. It ain’t a joke getting one.
One must choose a professional tattoo artist to apply it correctly. Coz the scalp is a lot different from the skin on our bodies.
It looks hardcore, but head tattoos are beautiful too. Given the right designs to match it, head tattoos look elegant and badass. Here are 10 beautiful head tattoos see! Enjoy!
Tattoo from BMB Body Mods, Brazil
Tattoo by Tim Hendricks, Saltwater Tattoo.
Mandala head tattoo by Thomas Hoope.
Tattoo by Annie Frenzel, German Hammer Tattoo.
Tattoo by Herb Auerbach, Central Valley Tattoo.
Tattoo by Chuey Quintanar, Low Rider Tattoo Studios.
Tattoo by Adrian Edek.
The woman is Lou Eyrich, Fashion & Costume designer at the popular TV series, GLEE. Artist of her tattoo, unknown. Please send us the name if you know.
Tattoo by Joshua Bowers.
Travis Barker’s head tattoo by Mr. Cartoon.