14 Beautiful Gypsy Girl Tattoos

14 Beautiful Gypsy Girl Tattoos

Celebrate the women of our lives, our heroines, by getting beautiful gypsy girl tattoos!
Gypsy Girls or Girl's Heads, are one of the most popularly tattooed tattoo designs in the Tattoo world. Their Beautiful faces, varying hair styles, emotions, and activities designed and rendered in thousands of creative ways by tattoo artists all over the world keep this beautiful tattoo design timeless. Gypsy girls or Girl's heads could represent the women in our lives. Our Mom, Aunt, Grandmother, Sister, Daughter, Wife or ex-lover.
Gypsy girls in tattoo folklore also represent the Female Energy --- Infinite and creative, and whatever that is given to a woman, she multiplies with such passion and love. You give her a House, she gives you a Home. You give her groceries, she gives you a meal. Check out these 20 beautiful and elegant Gypsy girl tattoos. Enjoy!
Tattoo done by Miss Arianna, Skinwear Tattoo.
Sometimes, girl's heads are rendered with animal heads on top of them to signify valiance or bravery, or for other reasons which the bearer only knows. Tattoo by Joe Ellis.
Another visually-stimulating tattoo by Joe Ellis.
This tattoo may suggest that the lady is a Taurus. Girl's heads could mean a lot of things! Tattoo by Myke Chambers.
Girl's heads are also perfect on the hands. Tattoo by Miss Arianna.
Tattoo artist unknown.
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