20 Solid Neotrad Tattoos by Miss Arianna

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MISS ARIANNA - Skinwear Tattoo, Italy http://www.missarianna.com

She’s one of my favorite female tattoo artists.  Her mind is just so creatively twisted, it reflects in all of her works. Each work she does never fails to amuse the beholder. If you were a fan, you’ll be able to tell it’s her work in an instant! Composition, ideas, color palette, executed in such a strikingly beautiful simplicity.

This is a perfect example that beautiful tattoos need not to be extra large, or extra detailed. Simplicity is beauty, too.

Let’s get to know MISS ARIANNA and take a look at 20 of her awesome works.

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“Traditional is my favourite tattoo style maybe ‘cause it’s like me: direct, clear and solid. It has a strength and a stability not easy to find in other styles. It’s a real tattoo!!! With traditional you can express everything and it’s perfect with words of love or war…I love this romantic side of tattoo!

It’s with no doubt the style that satisfies me the most: both technically and grafically. The reference points for my draws aren’t books about art or stuffs like that.

I take my inspirations from books of symbology, anatomy, ethology, illustrations of 1700-1800 and by talking with some peoples outside tattoo world.” Miss Arianna



Hi! My name’`s Minnie, writer & Tattooer at Good Hand Tattoo Philippines. We specialize in creating All-original and Custom-designed Traditional tattoos. Please show your support by following our page on Facebook :-)


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