15 Beautiful Hand Tattoos

15 Beautiful Hand Tattoos

Hand Tattoos are perfect sleeve-enders. While you're thinking about getting hand tattoos, check these babies out!
They're the icing of the cake. It is just as important to choose the right tattoo designs and placement carefully, because once tattooed, it's already there. Exposed for all to see for life.
Maneki Neko by Jess Yen.
Roses never go out of style.
Gypsy girls, next to roses, are one of the most popularly tattooed on the hands.
The finger tattoos match the hand tattoo well. Awesome!
Snake & Panther heads by James McKenna.
Love how the finger tattoos complement the hand.
Awesome Kingkong-inspired Hand tattoos.
Now let's high-five with our inked hands and enjoy the weekend!