20 Unusually Beautiful Tattoos by Pietro Sedda

20 Unusually Beautiful Tattoos by Pietro Sedda

Pietro Sedda is an interesting tattoo artist known for his unusual approach in traditional tattooing.
He works at The Saint Mariner; located at Via Carlo Tenca 10, Milano. Milan is a great city for high-class fashion, shopping, and fine dining, but little do people know that it also houses another treasure--- one of Europe's best tattoo artists. Pietro Sedda clearly has a mind of his own. And in his mind, a vast, boundless universe is waiting to manifest and become tattoos.
I really love how he manages to make an enigmatic twist out of his works. Common in his works are faceless people replaced with geometric patterns and beautiful sceneries. He is one of the living testimonies that simplicity = class. Let's all get amazed by 20 of Pietro Sedda's best works. From Italy, with Love. Arrivederci! :)
Pietro Sedda's approach is simple and bold.
Awesome tattoo
This Crow tattoo nailed it!
Tattoo by Pietro Sedda.
Abstract tattoo
Beautiful color pallette.
Incredible tattoo by Pietro Sedda
In this piece, Pietro Sedda cleverly uses different approaches of shading and style altogether. Came out neat!
Creative portrait
Whale balloon by Pietro Sedda.
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