12 Breathtaking Abstract Geometric Tattoos By NEO

12 Breathtaking Abstract Geometric Tattoos By NEO

Born in Graz in 1977, DeLaine Gilma aka. "Neo" is both an illustrator, street artist and tattoo artist in Zürich, Switzerland.
His geometric illustrations and tattoos is a treat for the eye. We've gathered a few samples of his tattoo art.
Bear with sympathetic eyes drawn using geometric shapes. Notice the subtle shading within the polygons
Circles fading into black and fading out to interlocking Y-shape pattern (aka "Inner City pattern"). Placement with so many elements can be tricky, but he pulls it off nicely.
Powerful colors and geometry! Illustration in blue to contrast the geometry
Taste and style is very subjective. Some may like the colorful tattoos while others may not, but "Neo" certainly has the skill and patience to perform them. If you want to know more about him: Read an interview with him (via Google Translate, about his graffiti work) View his website View his Facebook page
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