14 Beautiful Horse Tattoos

According to Chinese Astrology, the Spirit of the Horse is energetic, warm-hearted, intelligent, and able.
People born in the year of the Horse are good communicators. They are clever, kind and open to career ventures. This post is inspired by all kinds of Horses; from realistic to the superficial ones, with Unicorns, Carousel horses, and the infamous Pharaoh's Horses included for tattoo ideas to boost our luck this year. Enjoy!
Cat riding Horse by Shige.
Rad Trad Carousel Horse by Myke Chambers.
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#Realistic running #horse by #DimitriySamohin.
#Realistic running #horse by #DimitriySamohin.
Another one from Dimitriy Samohin.
A beautiful, all black version by Joel Madberg.
The famous three horses (also known as Pharaoh's Horses) were popularized from an old painting (one of the earliest were from Gus Wagner) from the 20th century up to the mid 1900s that later became a staple tattoo subject in tattooing.
Tattoo by Torie Larson.
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Beautiful & #detailed #horsehead by #EmilyRoseMurray.
Beautiful & #detailed #horsehead by #EmilyRoseMurray.
Love this colorful, unicorn skull tattoo. (Artist unknown).
Fighting Horse done at The Last Sparrow tattoo.
Love the cool colors in this one. Tattoo By Montalvo tattoos.
Beautiful big piece tattoo from Sethwood Tattoo.
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