20 Delightful Food & Drink Tattoos

20 Delightful Food & Drink Tattoos

Happy New Year Tattooheads!!! We hope we don’t spoil your diet with these awesome food and drink tattoos.
We hope you enjoyed the Holidays! 2013 has been a turbulent year for most of us. Life continues to test us through daily challenges, fears, leaps, and changes we had to face….all to reveal the better version of ourselves. It’s like the Yang with the Ying. You cannot know comfort without suffering. Or Happiness without Sadness.
Truly, it’s been a crazy year of necessary ups and downs to keep our lives more meaningful. Now that another year has passed, let’s be thankful that we’ve all survived! The holidays back in my country (Philippines) went great! I had my fill of the scrumptious (dinner feast & exchanging of gifts on christmas eve) and another round of that (plus hundreds of fireworks on display) on new year’s eve with family and friends! What a great way to kiss 2013 Goodbye. I still have a hangover of food, food and loaaaads of food that we’ve had during the holidays, so the first blog post of the year is (guess what) Food inspired. Cheers to new beginnings!
Cheers! Love how the letters in this tattoo were neatly done.
It looks so real it makes you wanna eat it! Tattoo by Nikko Hurtado.
Awesome piece by Nick Baxter.
Oh yes she loves hotdogs that much. Cool tattoo!
This one's looking neat! Neotraditional piece by Jesse Smith.
Chewy pop tarts!!! Love the brilliant colors, it makes it look so delicious! Tattoo by Mike Devries.
A slice of life. Mmmm. (Artist unknown)
Brilliant fruits & veggies sleeve! The waves & windbars were cleverly used as background to piece all the elements together. Artist unknown.
Meatcase by Nick Baxter. Makes me wanna have steak!
New year's resolution: Work Out. (After having a burger)
A huge, plump strawberry that you can never eat.
Couple dinner tattoo
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