25 beautiful Hannya tattoos

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The Hannya mask first appeared in the Japanese Noh and Bunraku plays around the 14th century when theatrical masks, carved out of wood, were used to depict the character's state of mind or temperament. The Hannya mask also represents a woman who has been betrayed by love and is filled with rage, jealousy and hatred, turning her into a demon. In Japan, the Hannya mask is a popular good luck motif and like other terrifying icons, it is believed to ward off evil spirits from the home. If you think you can rock a Hannya mask despite of its intimidating look, here are 25 beautiful Hannya mask tattoos to inspire and motivate you. Enjoy! :)

The Hannya mask design looks great in any size, whether small or big.


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    The Hannya mask is often paired with another element, like a snake being one of the most popular examples. Tattoo from Claws Tattoo.

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    What's fun about a Hannya mask is that the artist has freedom to reinvent the look for a more personalized touch.

    Purple's a good color (as well as blue and green) for the Hannya mask as well. Tattoo by Shige, Yellow Blaze tattoo.

    Works well with black and grey, too! Tattoo by Doctor Lind.

    Tattoo by Nick Alcarez, Guru Tattoo.

    Love the black & greys on this one. Tattoo by Filip Leu.

    Tattoo by Dave Fried.

    Nice subtle wood details and played down color palette.

    Hannya mask tattoos are often designed as if it is cradled by the waves. Windbars and waves are popularly used backgrounds for Hannyas.

    Flowers such as the Chrysanthemum (and maybe a lotus and some cherry blossoms) are good elements to balance out the "evil" look of the tattoo.

    This one's an awesome half-hannya half-dragon body suit concept by Jess Yen.

    Nice painterly style by Remis.

    Love the details on the horn and the soft flow of hair. Tattoo by James Kern.

    The Feet and Hands are also good Hannya mask placements. Tattoo by Rhett Johnson.

    Awesome piece by Mike Rubendall.

    Awesome lights effect on this one! By Oleg Turyanskiy.

    Simple yet killer traditional rendition by Chris Marchetto.

    Sometimes the Hannya is also designed as a woman transforming halfway into a demon.

    The Hannya mask makes a great sleeve or chest piece filler.

    Clever tribal and Japanese oriental fusion by Shige.

    Smooth black & grey cover-up by Cysen at Golden Iron Tattoo studio.

    The Hannya is also sometimes portrayed as a Samurai like this one. Totally cool black & grey work by Winson, Chronic Ink Tattoo, Toronto.

    We hope you appreciated the Hannya tattoo design more after looking through these fine works.

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