Professionals With Tattoos, What's The Problem With That?

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Should professionals have tattoos? What do you think?

Tattoos are historically and archaeologically known tribal marks that symbolized representations linked to religion practices from each tribe. It was banned from Europe in the late VIII century because the Church believe that whoever had ink over their bodies were related to paganism practices or even whichcraft.

Corinthians (6:19) says "Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own?", probably from that thought, the luterans disseminated the idea that whoever had a tattoo was profaning God's temple (or your own body). Some islamic cultures have the same thoughs about tattooing, it would change the creation of Allah. In Japan, the first Yakuza to adopt tattooing their bodies to hide secret informations about their crimes and acomplishments.



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    In the late XIX century, the first ink machines were developed and the art could be done in fewer time and as the "american way" of doing it. Many deployed sailors and soldiers would get their loved ones and/or their military symbols tattooed on a covered part of their bodies (arms, legs, chest, back, etc.). Still in that time, tattoos were a forbidden practice: inked people would be associated to criminals and thugs and tattoo artists were treated as outlaws and normally having their business shut down.

    Tattoos Public or Private? Bar graph
    Tattoos Public or Private? Bar graph

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    The XX century had a little of that thought still, people would get tattoos in hidden places afraid of getting fired in their jobs, tattoo artists having barely no regulation of their profession and still being associated to jail practices and criminal activities. So what made that mentality change in the past 20 years? One thing is for sure: television helped spreading the image of a successfull person having full sleeves and chest pieces, wearing nothing but a tank top and jeans. That's what was considered cool by the teenagers of our generation and we grew up wanting those things.

    Tattoo locations
    Tattoo locations

    Tattoos nowadays are more and more often between teenagers and adults. Some elders are starting to accept the idea of getting inked and having their sons and grandsons inked as well. Since the new generation is getting tattoos, probably more professionals that will have direct contact with people will be inked, our sons will look up for us, so tattoos will be like cigarretes in the early XIX century, a normal and healthy thing. There is still a long way to run, but (hopefully) in the next 20 years we will see more of these:



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