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The tattoo is an ornamental or symbolic drawing by inserting some ink into the skin. The technique consists in introducing a sharp object or a needle. The tattoo is practiced since thousands years in many regions of the world. It can have various symbolic, religious or ethnic meanings. In certain civilizations it's  a compulsory rite provoking by the pain endured during the realization of the traditional tattoo, the passage to the adulthood.

Traditional material:

The traditional Asian tattoos also called "Irezumi", are large-sized tattoos. Irezumi is a particular shape of the Japanese traditional tattoo which covers wide parts of the body, or entirely .It is always considered for a majority of Japanese people  as a negative way as belonging to the Yakuzas or is a symbol of the male chauvinism in the poorest social classes.

It is always realized by expert tattoo artist and can take several years of realization.

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Horiyoshi III is actually the biggest master of traditional Japanese tattoos

The tribals are inspired at first by primitive ritual symbols or represent simply abstract motives. The Polynesian tattoos, are traditional Motifs  from the Polynesian culture. Traditional tribal tattoos are born in different islands of the Pacific, Natives Americans, Maoris from New Zealand .They accentuate the musculature and the natural line of the body.

Tribal is the first form of tattooing found in history ,in tribal cultures around the world. The oldest tattooed body was a man found in 5th century BC. The Polynesian tattoo has various features, traditional from pacific islands. Each line, each sign has its meaning.

In the civilization Maori, the tribal called Tattoo Moko, tattooed on the face or the body, was a symbol of legendary spirituality and  a representation of the social status

The traditional tattoo answers rules coming from a community or in an individual and personal symbolic act. For some people, this technique of tattoo can be the culmination of the art of the tattoo , for the men it's a proof and a passage to be a "Real man". But the traditional tattoo is impressive, technical and beautiful, which is practicing by real traditional artists.

So are you ready to have "some pain" for a traditional tattoo? A real piece on your body.


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