Valentines Day and Name Tattoos - DON'T DO IT!

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This article is to warn and stop the couples who are counting anniversaries in months and not decades.

Valentines Day tattoos
Valentines Day tattoos

With Valentines Day 4 weeks away tattoo shops are going to be filled with couples wanting to ink their love of each other on them.  Valentines Day and Name Tattoos - DON'T DO IT! 

Just remember three simple words - DON'T DO IT! 

You may think your love will last forever and that flowers bloom in the name of your love but you will soon find out that your tattoo lasted longer. Tattoo shops across America cover up name tattoos all the time. Don't become someone who walks around with an Ex's name on them reminding yourself of them every time you see or explaining to your new love interest who's name is on your body.

Some artist will actual ask several times are you sure before inking a name on you - well the more reputable ones anyway. Sure I have name tattoos on me - one for each of my daughters, one for my son and one with my wife's name. WTF you may be thinking - you just got finished telling us not to do it and here you are with one. I have been with my wife for 19 years now (going on 15 years married) and no mater what happens she has been in my life for almost half of it and is part of my personal journey.

Cover photo of a crazy girl who got a tattoo after first date: RUS on the face.

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I am the owner of Another Tattoo. I have been fascinated with tattoos since I was a kid and saw my Uncle’s ink from when he served in the Royal Navy. I got my first one at the age of 22, a Bald Eagle’s head on my upper arm from a local shop called Da Vinci’s Tattoo in Wantagh NY. I have been collecting them ever since.


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