When The Body Becomes A Medium: Artistic Tattoo

The tattoo comes from the imagination and creativity. Realization of the work becomes original and stunning on an unusual material - skin.
When the result leads to forget the body and shows us a work, a picture, a painting. Here are some examples of artistic tattoos:
Pietro Sedda
Stained-glass window.
Mikael de Poissy
I prefer this style, black dominate. As a drawing has the India ink.
Fabien Belly Button
Klaim is a french artist, he is just incredible, "Street Tattoo"
This one just amazing.
This one is stunning another from Klaim
Niko Inko from"Street Tattoo", can you believe that it's a tattoo?
The best in France, Xoil, Stunning
Another Xoil
Original, black and color draw.
Watercolor... Nice
So are you ready to be original and be a medium, the artistic tattoo is for you.