14 Great Boxer Tattoos

14 Great Boxer Tattoos

Professional boxers are known for their many impressive tattoos. But there also a good subject for a tattoo themselves!
Indeed, boxers are one of the typical figures of old-school tattoos, along with sailors and barbers. They are depicted with moustaches, with parting hair, tattoos and sometimes with a black eye. In old-school arrangements, they are often paired with flowers, laurels and motivational text.
The classic old-school boxer by Chris Smith (USA).
Can you defeat a kangaroo ? Tattoo by El Bara (Spain).
Old-school boxer is the image of the gentleman. He symbolizes courage, resistance to life's ordeal, survival and hope for success. Classy even if bruised, the boxer is a great tattoo idea for a man with values.
Not sure that he's going to keep the top hat until the end of the fight. Tattoo by Sneaky-Mitch Allenden (UK).
Beautiful colors: made by Andrew McLeod (Australia).
Neo-traditional line-art version by Peter Aurisch (Germany)
For girls who like to fight too, a feminine version is also possible. And of course, there is the pin-up version: pin-ups can do everything as you may know!
Old-school girl boxer by Marco Cerretelli (USA).
A malicious boxing version of Betty Page by Gido
Inspired by a painting of Brian Viveros, by Marcin Rogal Roguszka (Poland)
Boxers are also a good subject for a realistic tattoo. Vintage photos of famous boxers made great work basis for tattoo artists, due to the high quality of old sport pictures. They give motion and dynamism to classic portraits and they have a powerful meaning.
A great tribute to Rocky, by Cecil Porter (USA)
Made by Robert Pho (USA)
This tattoo is amazing, it looks so real with the sweat détails and the impression of power.
If you are either a boxing fan, a fighter yourself or just victorious in life, there are a lot of possibilities in using boxing symbols.
Classic boxing gloves by Andrew Barkov aka Grimmy 3D (Russia).
A fun twist of the classic praying hands tattoo by Marc Durrant (USA)
So are you ready to fight and to get tattooed ?
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