20 Amazing Tattoo Shops Of The World

20 Amazing Tattoo Shops Of The World

Tattoos are quite fulfilling to get, and are one of the most worthwhile things to collect.
Serious tattoo collectors would travel all over the world in search of the most talented tattoo artists, scouting through conventions after conventions, shop after shop. Traveling becomes more fun and fulfilling, as it feels like an expedition. Any tattoo lover would love to cross this off their bucket list. And while you're dreaming about tattoos and traveling (hey, dream big!), here's a directory of the world's best tattoo shops to see and feast your eye candy on. Click on their names to visit their website. These shops are clean, flavorful, and best as they can be. Any of these you must visit when you travel! Each featured tattoo shop guarantees a roster of amazingly talented and hardworking artists to entrust your skin to. The world is big, and we're sure that there are more amazing tattoo shops out there. Up to you to discover the rest. Good luck on your quest, tattooed pilgrim!
Pietro Sedda tattoo shop
Electric Cobra Tattoo Club
Wooster Street Social Club
Olde Line Tattoo
Skinwear Tattoo
Smith Street Tattoo Pariour
Three Tides Tattoo
Black Heart Tattoo
Kings Avenue Tattoo
Sacred Electric Tattoo
Providence Tattoo
Bambu Tattoo Art Studio
Horizaru Tattoo
Love Hate Social Club
High Voltage Tattoo
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