20 Geek Lovecraft Tattoos

20 Geek Lovecraft Tattoos

If you are too a fan of H.P Lovecraft’s work or of horror fiction, here are some examples of tattoos you could like..
Geeks are known for their love of science fiction, and they are not afraid to show it with tattoos too. One of their many cultural references is the work of American writer Howard Philips Lovecraft, and indeed a source of inspiration for body art.
Lovecraft (1890-1937) left one of the most important and inspiring legacy in the history of fantastic and horror literature. Writer Stephen King, Director Guillermo del Toro, Artist H.R. Giger and many more have found their inspiration in his work. Born in Providence, Rhode Island, H.P. Lovecraft (nicknamed HPL by his fans) created a range of monster creatures which leaded to an exponential fan art where tattoo artists can draw their inspiration for unique and epic tattoos.
The most famous figure of Lovecraft’s work is of course Cthulhu, a powerful Ancient god waiting to take over the Earth. His head full of tentacles, his wings and muscular body make him a valued tattoo design for fans. He’s quite similar to the Kraken and evil octopus designs. The Lovecraftian iconography includes other Horror creatures such as Nyarlathotep, shoggoths, Mi-Go, etc and cabalistic symbols related to made-up book Necronomicon.
Portrait of the author surrounded by Cthulhu’s tentacles, by famous tattoo artist Bob Tyrrell.
Creepy tribute by Niko Inko
By Mr Dist.
Jessica Mascitti Brooklyn
Another portrait of Lovecraft with on top the State House of Providence.
This work in progress was made by one of the artists at Providence Tattoo, located in Angell Street, and so, neighbours of the novelist’s house … I guess they are often asked for fans tattoos !
New School disturbing Lovecraft (Artist unknown, please tell us if you know).
Freddy Tattoo Dunkerque, France
Impressive sleeve by Freddy of Dunkerque, France. You can see Cthulhu in the shoulder and HPL next to a shoggoth and the imaginary city of R’lyeh in the wrist.
Scott Trerrotola of New York seems to be a great fan of Lovecraft : he did two great tattoos of Cthulhu.
This impressive backpiece by Fofo (Chile) reminds of the artwork of Iron Maiden. It includes Cthulhu’s cultists, the Necronomicon symbol and another monster.
Another clawed hand by Billy Beans (West Virginia).
If you are a Lovecraftian with a sense of humor, you may like that dapper Cthulhu by Ismael Hidalgo Sanchez (Spain).
Even Ancient Gods of terror have been cute little babies ! Fun Cthulhu baby by Tuomas Koivurinne (Finland).
Another famous monster of Lovecraft is Nyarlathotep, here imaginated by Leif Olson of Florida.
The creature of short story "The Haunter in the dark" inked by Attilio Capra.
Old school Necronomicon in this half sleeve by Seth Wood (NY).
Movies adaptation of HPL’s work are a good inspiration for tattoos. Here is Reanimator’s hero Herbert West, by famous horror movies buff and realistic tattoo artist Paul Acker.
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