25 Beautiful Butterfly Tattoos

25 Beautiful Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly tattoos are one of the classics. As a tattoo, the butterfly is associated with metamorphosis or transformation.
Among classic traditional flash designs such as roses, daggers, hearts & sailor-inspired tattoos the butterfly, although soft & feminine-looking, remains on the top list. Especially because of what it represents as a tattoo. For people with a butterfly tattoo, it mostly signifies change or a significant turning point in their lives. Just like the butterflies, we humans undergo the painful process of growth. There was a time of growing pains, a time of hunger, and vulnerability....only to nourish, expand, and reveal the best of ourselves.
Love how the nipples blend in perfectly with the whole piece! Tattoo done at Chalice Tattoo, NY.
Just like the butterfly, which went from being an egg - larvae (caterpillar) - to pupa (cocoon), we emerge and unfurl with such flying colors and GLORY! :) Such impressive metamorphosis tells us that we should just keep calm and accept the change that's happening with us & our environment....coz it's never permanent! Later on, the Moth tattoo emerged and is being embraced by tattoo lovers.
The Death Head Moth, in particular, is one of the most commonly tattooed moth design because of the skull-like pattern below its head. Moths are so-called the "butterflies of the night", as they are nocturnal (butterflies are diurnal). Night creatures don't tumble in the dark - and neither should we during the darkest hours of our lives. And so the butterfly & the moth both share the same symbolic message as a tattoo - that we have to KEEP FAITH AS WE CHANGE. Other words associated to this tattoo design is: Time, Growth, Prosperity, Expansion, Transformation, Reconciliation, Resurrection and Faith. It could also represent a loved one. Sweet, ain't it?
The Death Head Moth. Often seen as bad luck, but still makes a good tattoo motif. After all, you make your own luck.
It's the bold lines & bright colors that make a good, long-lasting tattoo.
Love how the tattoo brightens up the blackness of her sleeve tattoo. Black plus bright colors is the secret to a bold & vibrant tattoo.
This ain't your ordinary butterfly tattoo! Super cool work by Matt Chahal.
Tattoo by Jelle, Sacred Tattoo (Auckland, NZ)
Even guys can rock a butterfly tattoo. It's how it is placed, designed & colored that matters.
Awesome how this looked like a flower at first glance and at a closer look you realize it's a set of butterflies!!! ...And at the same time the obsessive compulsive in you strikes and wants to put that darn thing back in place. Lol. :P
Aaahhh.... it certainly feels great to soak up, relax and admire your own tattoos. Remember not to soak your fresh new tattoos for too long as it will damage it!
Tattooed by Joel, Salvation Tattoo.
The butterfly tattoo makes a good sleeve filler.
Awesome butterfly sleeve
What's also good is that the artist can manipulate the wings, so as to fit the contours of the body, and how one can come up with a thousand patterns for it!
Flying butterfly tattoo
A set of butterflies and some flowers make a good sleeve tattoo.
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