Celebrate Your Brain Fortress With Skull Tattoos

Celebrate Your Brain Fortress With Skull Tattoos

Skulls do so much for you and you can show your thanks with a skull tattoo

The late 20th century American poet Glenn Anzalone once penned the following lines in a moving ode:

“Collect the heads of little girls and

Put 'em on my wall

Hack the heads off little girls and

Put 'em on my wall

Oh oh

I want your skulls

I need your skulls”

Today we are going to take a look at the object that stirred such passion in his poetic soul – skulls. Specifically, skull tattoos.

Simply put, a skull is a mind cage. It is literally the barrier between the internal and external worlds. I like to think of mine as a VIP area at a really fancy tiki bar with my brain just chilling out in a relaxed cabana atmosphere while sipping on drinks that glow brilliant shades of neon. Totally uncool guests like dust and germs keep trying to get in, but my skull’s bouncing them all night.

In the basement of the skull, you’ve got your teeth. Well, hopefully you’ve got your teeth. Or at least most of them. The lower part of the skull is also where all of our words come out, which makes the skull your ambassador to the world. And skulls also let you hear stuff, which is like a totally sweet bonus hook up. Oh, and the skull is the soil from which your hair grows, which is tight.

Since the skull is totally badass as is, it follows that skull tattoos are totally badass. Let’s take a look at some with our eyes, which are located in the front of our skulls. That’s right buddy, you’re using your skull to look at skulls. Take your time to collect your blown mind, conveniently stored in your skull, and gaze onward.

Chest skull tattoos in progress with great 3D effect by English tattoo artist Anthony Flemming. #chest
Do you know the watercolor effect of skull tattoos made by artist Dan Chase? If not, you definitely need to check it. Skull tattoo by Dan Chase #skull #danchase
That is a sick piece for a tattoo artist or a tattoo fanatic, by Demon Tattoo studio. You can get one of the sickest skull tattoos in the Demon Tattoo studio, check it out! #skull #skulltattoos #demontattoostudio
Tentacles and fire inside for this impressive sleeve by Dmitriy Samohin. #skull #blue
So many gorgeous skull tattoos in Florian Karg's portfolio, but this one reminds us the clock is ticking. #skull #floriankarg
Flamming skull back piece by the master Mike Rubendall. #mikerubendall #skull
Of course, such a nice realistic back piece can only be by the great Niki Norberg. He is an awesome tattoo artist, that makes some great realistic skull tattoos. #skull #realistic #nikinorberg
This looks like a classic painting. Perhaps because Nikko Hurtado is also a talented painter. #nikkohurtado #grapes #skull #painting
Amazing back piece by the genius Maud Dardeau. Skull tattoos can look so awesome a full back piece. #mauddardeau #skull
Tommy Helm did this epic tattoo for the season 1 final of Ink Master. #inkmaster #tommyhelm #skull

There you have it. A tattoo of a skull can be as beautiful an homage to these brain containers as a Misfits song. You want a skull tattoo. You need a skull tattoo.

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