32 Badass Skull Tattoos

Skull tattoos are probably the very first thing people ever think when tattoos are brought up.

Every tattoo artist has got skull tattoos in his portfolio, and they are present in any country, any civilization in the world, with a range of variations: Tibetan skulls, sugar skulls, rock'n'roll skulls, etc. They vary in size, meaning and color, although mostly found in black and grey. Associated with roses, crows, snakes or ladies, they all point out something evident: LIFE IS SHORT, so you better live it at its fullest. 

It is impossible to gather all the best skull tattoos, but here is a selection of the finest, sickest, biggest badass skull tattoos that can be found online. 

Chest skull tattoos in progress with great 3D effect by English tattoo artist Anthony Flemming. #chest
The bigger the better - gigantic skull tattoos look awesome. Tattoo by Blue Dragon Tattoo. #skull
Skull tattoos vary in sizes, styles and colors. Damn, this piece by Chris Lennox looks amazing. #christlennox #skull
Do you know the watercolor effect of skull tattoos made by artist Dan Chase? If not, you definitely need to check it. Skull tattoo by Dan Chase #skull #danchase
That is a sick piece for a tattoo artist or a tattoo fanatic, by Demon Tattoo studio. You can get one of the sickest skull tattoos in the Demon Tattoo studio, check it out! #skull #skulltattoos #demontattoostudio
Tentacles and fire inside for this impressive sleeve by Dmitriy Samohin. #skull #blue
So many gorgeous skull tattoos in Florian Karg's portfolio, but this one reminds us the clock is ticking. #skull #floriankarg
Colorful and stunning old-school back piece by Iain Mullen. #skull #ianmullen
This torso piece by John Anderton is the top of badassery, don't you think? John Anderton makes some awesome skull tattoos out there. #skull #johnanderton
Flamming skull back piece by the master Mike Rubendall. #mikerubendall #skull
Of course, such a nice realistic back piece can only be by the great Niki Norberg. He is an awesome tattoo artist, that makes some great realistic skull tattoos. #skull #realistic #nikinorberg
This looks like a classic painting. Perhaps because Nikko Hurtado is also a talented painter. #nikkohurtado #grapes #skull #painting
Skull tattoo, artist unknown. #skull
TattoodoFrom Tattoodo App
#mandala #skull #geometric # thomashooper
#mandala #skull #geometric # thomashooper
Amazing back piece by the genius Maud Dardeau. Skull tattoos can look so awesome a full back piece. #mauddardeau #skull
Tommy Helm did this epic tattoo for the season 1 final of Ink Master. #inkmaster #tommyhelm #skull
Gorgeous angel skeleton by Victor Portugal. #angel #victorportugal #skull
Famous model and actor Rick Genest aka Zombie Boy, who got his body fully covered by tattoo artist Frank Lewis (photo by Joey L). What do you think: extreme or gorgeous?