37 Amazing Watercolor Tattoos By Sasha Unisex

This week's spotlight is shining down on Sasha Unisex: an amazing tattoo artist from Russia (St. Petersburg).
She is well-known for her distinct & contemporary approach to the art of tattooing. creates beautiful watercolor paintings and skillfully translates them into vibrant, abstract/geometric tattoos. She graduated from St Lviv National Academy of Arts back in 2010 and is now owning it with her distinct painterly style of tattooing. Her tattoo works are now trending all over the web, and candy-colored fanatics (especially the ladies!) who's into colorful & subtle tattoos are in for a treat! ;) We are amazed by her style as it is fresh and new to the eyes. Her style gives emphasis to geometric shapes and shading with minimal to no outlines at all (different from the old school traditional style that we've gotten used to). We love how she creatively manipulates contrasting colors to make a design appear three-dimensional, yet the composition of such looks so simple and finely done. It's her composition techniques & application that fascinates! Now we've seen a lot of watercolor tattoos, but not as strong as these!
Sasha does a lot of beautiful watercolor paintings and turns them into tattoo designs.
There's mountains, a lake, and an empty boat... this tattoo tells a story through clever use of simple shapes and colors.
This feather looks a-blazing!
Geometric bird tattoo by Sasha Unisex
Sasha Unisex is known for doing a lot of colorful and geometric animal tattoos such as birds, cats, snakes, and head tattoos of wild beasts such as lions, wolves and bears.
Sometimes she puts a twist, by adding headphones to a monkey, for example.
Nice cover up tattoo
She does nice cover-ups too.
Colorful and vibrant snake tattoo
Love how she goes free with all those colors!
Sasha Unisex is sought by couples and friends for her skills of composing really nice (and personalized, still) matching tattoos.
Cute bird tattoo
Really digging her color palette!
Love how she can turn dull blues and purples into a vibrant tattoo!
Tattoo by Sasha Unisex
Her colorful personality is reflected on her tattoo machine as well. Check it out!
Watercolor polarbear tattoo
We hope her watercolor paintings are for sale as well! Beautiful!
White and grey bird tattoo
Whites and greys are usually hard to pull off...especially if it's a dominating color. Sasha Unisex nailed this one really well.
Colorful giraffe tattoo
Trippy Giraffe.
Dog portrait tattoo
Trippy Dog.
Vibrant paper crane tattoo
Trippy Paper crane.
Trippy space voyager.
And a trippy cosmo-wolf!
What's amazing is that her watercolor designs aren't easy to originate at all! Yet she does it so finely and simply on skin.
We also admire how remarkably interesting and unique each of her tattoos are.
From paper...to skin.
Her works remind me of dreamy picture books i've had as a kid.
Tattoo by Sasha Unisex
Would be fun to dress up a colored tattoo like this one!
Cat portrait tattoo
Have your beloved pet tattooed Sasha Unisex style! Can't go wrong with one.
Wolf tattoos
Or two.
By Sasha Unisex
Patterns, shapes and shading turned into beauty.
Her tattoos are usually experimental, incorporating patterns and contrasting colors to ordinary designs... and it always comes out an extra-ordinaire!
Looks so pretty (and not too strong) on the feet, just as how some women prefer their tattoos to be.
Amazing how she can put such life in leaves. Is it the idea? the shading? the composition? All? We love how her tattoos keep us visually stimulated.
Alice in Wonderland-inspired tattoo.
Lego-inspired forearm tattoo
Lego-inspired tattoo. Looks so cooool!
Love how she makes simple pinks and purple shades turn rich and shiny.
Travel-inspired tattoo
Love to travel? Here's a Travel-inspired tattoo.
What we also love is the way she can make surreal designs tattooable.
Bird tattoo
Each tattoo (we're guessing) must've took long hours to finish. With all those geometric cubes to fill in and all the colors.
Cute bird tattoo
But I wouldn't mind, it's gonna be worth it.
Every tattoo is tattoo adventure time!
Because the best tattoos are all-original.
Tattoo artist Sasha Unisex
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